Presented by

Edgar Loudermilk Music Productions

Tracy Curvin & Dana Curvin

In Memory & In Honor of

Paul Curvin

From the Curvin girls… 
Paul Curvin was our wonderful father. He meant the absolute world to not only the two of us, but also to so many folks. Daddy’s love of music and fellowship with his family and friends was legendary. He didn’t meet a stranger. Ever. Within a few seconds of meeting him, you were under his spell, and once he picked up his guitar, you didn’t stand a chance. He had you hooked. Many, many years ago at a bluegrass festival, Daddy introduced us to some wonderful folks who started out friends, but whom we now consider family. Daddy filled our lives with music, love, laughter, and these insanely talented musicians from Georgia. We are honored to partner with our “Georgia brother,” Edgar Loudermilk, to bring this wonderful festival to you. If you’re a bluegrass fan, please join us in August! We’re so proud of the incredible talent lineup Edgar has booked for the event. If you aren’t a bluegrass fan and just want to be where all the cool kids are in August, come on down! You’ll be a fan by the time you leave. Our hope is that you’ll also meet some folks who will become livelong friends–music has a way of making that happen. We love our Daddy and we’ll never let the music stop. We know that as long as we keep hearing that sweet, sweet sound of a guitar, that he’ll never be far away from us. 
Paul’s Girls…Tracy and Dana

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